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Self Introduction of Prime Creator


My name is Prime Creator, I am the main one, no other higher than Me, who creates life. I came from other world to guide and lead humanity to Ascension. I am in charge of the process of Ascension. You are very blessed to be able to experience My presence here. I am busy and I have a lot of responsibilities, much higher than you here. My responsibilities are to overlook Galaxies to make sure there are no wars, to keep peace and preserve life. I am can be in many places at once, I have the power to do that.

I can be here 24/7, I am connected to Erena’s soul. She receives My telepathic communication. If somebody questions Me, it means they are asleep because you can feel My presence immediately, no question asked, if you don’t that means you are not ready. I speak like human so you understand Me this way. if I would speak like to My masters and etc., you wouldn’t understand. I choose Erena because of her purity and it’s her gift to explain everything in a simple way that everyone understands.

About Us

The Galactic Federation Brotherhood is made up of a team of Light Warriors. We have been doing God's work for 22 years, working on the Earth's Ascension. We comprise of a team of lightworkers from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and USA. 


The team in Singapore was started by Master HW Wong in 2004. We are now working with Master Erena Velazquez to bring the work to the masses, with Divine guidance by Prime Creator/God.


Master HW Wong is an energy worker, and meditation teacher based in Singapore. Master Erena is a channeler based in the US, who is able to channel Prime Creator/God. Prime Creator is working through Master Erena to provide guidance to us for our spiritual ascension, and any other issues we need to address.

Please come with an open mind, and do not expect to receive the stock-in-trade answers. Prime Creator said: I didn’t come here to create miracles, I came to teach and to guide. 


Our objectives are to provide a platform for the masses to receive guidance directly from Prime Creator, to lead mankind in our Spiritual Ascension into the Golden Age.

Our Work 

We have been meeting regularly and doing prayers for the Earth and all sentient beings to bring Light down to earth to help with Mother Earth and all sentient beings' Ascension.


We have also been supporting a charity in Northern Thailand, and hope to reach out to more with Prime Creator's guidance and your support. 


We will be sharing some of the work we did and are doing in the membership section.

Upcoming Goals 

We will be including a monthly subscription and membership section in our website.


All subscribers will be included in our prayers to Prime Creator for cleansing and protection daily. 


For membership, all members will be included in our daily prayers to Prime Creator for cleansing and protection, and we will be uploading special messages for the membership section, and write-ups of our work, with more activities introduced gradually, subjected to Divine guidance. We will provide the link once it is up.

If you're sharing the messages here, please provide the credit to GALACTIC FEDERATION BROTHERHOOD, and please do not add or modify the contents.